Treating Cat & Dog Allergies in Carmel, IN

Pets can develop a wide range of skin conditions despite a thick coat of fur. In fact, their fur makes an ideal home for parasites and bacteria, both of which contribute to a range of pet dermatology conditions. Cat & dog allergies such as pollen, dander, and mites also get caught in the hair follicles and irritate the skin. At Clayton Family Veterinary Care in Carmel, we use diagnostic technology to first properly diagnose your pet’s skin condition so we can treat it accurately and efficiently. Call (317) 218-3142 to schedule an appointment for your pet!

Pet Dermatology:
Common Skin Conditions and Symptoms

Cat & dog allergies and dermatology issues can cause a lot of irritation and discomfort so your pet may be a bit out of sorts. The sooner we treat your pet’s skin disorder, the sooner they can get back to their regular selves. Effective treatment, though, requires effective diagnostics by a veterinarian.

If you notice any of the following, it could be a sign of a skin condition:

  • Excessive scratching and licking
  • Hair loss
  • Dandruff
  • Red inflamed skin
  • Dry, patchy skin
  • Skin lesions and infections

Skin conditions can stem from a number of issues. Some common ones include:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Ear mites
  • Pet allergies (environmental, food, seasonal)
  • Lick granulomas
  • Demodectic mange
  • Hot spots
cat and dog allergies in carmel, in
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Diagnosis and Treatments

For diagnosing your pet’s skin condition, we use our diagnostic technology that helps us rule out other health issues that can cause similar symptoms. We will perform blood tests, allergy tests, cytology (examination of skin cells), fungal cultures and more to determine the exact cause so we can develop an exact treatment. Depending on your pet’s diagnosis, we may suggest any of the following treatment options:

  • Allergy shots (such as Cytopoint)
  • Medication (such as Apoquel)
  • Antibiotics
  • Food allergy trials

Additionally, our veterinarians may recommend medicated shampoos and/or topical treatments to manage symptoms until treatment takes effect.

Once we begin treatments, it will take some time for the symptoms to be controlled. Furthermore, depending on the condition, your pet may require regular medication. Call us at (317) 218-3142 or make an appointment online. We’ll be happy to discuss all your pet’s options in detail during your appointment so we can establish the best treatment plan for both them and you!