Cat & Dog X-Ray and Diagnostics

Veterinary technology has advanced rapidly in the past few decades. Pets are living longer because we understand more about what is going on with their health and behavior. Pet diagnostics technology has played a massive role in our growing comprehension. Laboratory testing and imaging technology such as cat & dog X-ray allow us to look beneath the surface and discover health issues long before they have any visible symptoms. Call our team of veterinary professionals at (317) 218-3142 or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

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Laboratory Technology

With our in-house lab, we have the ability to run many diagnostic tests ourselves, with fast, accurate results. However, sometimes it can be more cost efficient and even faster in some cases if we send them to our outside referral lab. Either way, our capabilities are boundless! Our lab work includes:

  • Complete blood count
  • Blood chemistry panels
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal testing
  • Cytology (examining skin cells)
  • Biopsies
  • Fungal cultures
  • And more!

Advanced Imaging Technology

In addition to our lab, we also feature the latest in cat & dog X-ray technology. Our advanced digital X-ray equipment enables us to get better quality images in less time, and with less radiation exposure to your pet and to our staff. We can quickly and easily bring your pet’s X-rays up on the screens in the exam rooms. As they explain your pet’s condition, our veterinarians can zoom in on the problem areas so you can easily see and understand the concerns for yourself. Additionally, you won’t have to lug around bulky, fragile films to a referral veterinarian should your pet need a referral!

Digital X-rays help us address a range of conditions including:

  • Bone fractures and joint problems
  • Foreign body location
  • Assessing bladder or kidney stones
  • Examining internal organs
  • And much more!

Learn more about pet diagnostics by call us today at (317) 218-3142 or asking us at your next appointment. We look forward to telling you more!

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I was so happy to see Dr Ross Clayton again. He is just the best vet ever. This new practice is wonderful. He always knows what I am going to ask and explains things so well."

-Catherine L.

The Clayton's are a family that truly care about your pet as if they were their own. I highly recommend you check them out"

-Leanne O.

Dr. Ross Clayton is the most caring, knowledgeable vet we could have asked for! He has taken amazing care of our dogs since 2003!"

-Jennifer M.

Dr. Clayton has been caring for my family's dogs for many years with exceptional knowledge, care and compassion. He's shown time and again his willingness to explore the best options for keeping our loved ones healthy and vital."

Katrine C.

We love Dr. Clayton! We’ve been through a lot together! Our family has had as many as 3 labs at once. We’ve had them as puppies and seniors. We lost our oldest recently and Dr. Clayton helped us through it. He’s caring and knowledgeable. We HIGHLY recommend him!"

-Martha F.

The precise genuine care for our pets and our family as a whole sets Dr. Ross Clayton and his wife Dr. Anne Clayton apart. We appreciate their attention to detail and prompt assistance. We have had the gentle care from this family for many many years. They have shared our enthusiasm as we brought home new puppies and through the end of the life of our beloved seniors. We can’t wait for the grand opening! Best wishes Clayton Family Veterinary Care!"

-Kristy P.