Meet Our Team

Doctors Ross and Anne Clayton met when they were 10 years old and have been together as a couple since they were sixteen! These days, they are raising their four sons along with a menagerie of animals. From dogs and cats to ducks, chickens, alpacas, goats, and sheep—they love them all!  They live by the philosophy that your pets are part of the family and their health is important for good overall family health.

The personal philosophy of our founding veterinarians is embedded in the entire staff at our Carmel animal hospital. Learn more about each one of us, and what skills we bring to our team!

Dr. Ross Clayton, Veterinarian

Dr. Clayton’s education and credentials include:

  • Pike High School 1991
  • Depauw University 1995
  • Purdue Vet School 2001
  • IVMA board member for multiple years
  • Has worked as a veterinarian in Carmel for over 17 years
  • Consulting speaker for Zoetis pain managment and dermatology continuing education
  • Special interests – As a general practitioner, I do it all! I love certain types of cases, like GI, liver and immune health, but especially enjoy the client education and overall wellness examinations.

Dr. Ross Clayton's happy place... Insight into Dr. Clayton’s character, what drives him, and ultimately, what lays the foundation for his unique practice of veterinary medicine:

The idea of wellness to me leans more towards the emotional side rather then the physical. On a daily basis the things I do to keep myself centered (or at least not too far off kilter) include being sure to spend time with family, taking a short walk out to the barn and communing with the animals, and being thankful at the end of the day as I arrive home.

  • The family time may be limited to a short talk in the morning and tucking in the kiddos at night, but in my heart this is one thing that consistently makes me happy. As a family, we are lucky enough to spend extended time together, but sometimes the heart just needs a little charge...
  • The short walk to the barn: I have this odd little place somewhere between the house and barn that has developed into my “happy place.” Not sure how this happened, but day or night, whether it is the warmth of the sun on may face, or looking up at the stars on an ice cold night, something inside of me feels complete.
  • Finally, and perhaps most important: no matter what the day has thrown at me, and no matter the emotional ups and downs, arriving home is a sweet feeling. I give thanks to God and breathe deeply and feel a sense of calm when I can finish the day and know I am home.

Dr. Anne Clayton, Veterinarian

Dr. Anne’s education and credentials include:

  • Depauw University 1996
  • Purdue Vet school class of 2000
  • Spent the last 10 years raising their 4 boys while working part time at the Hamilton County Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic in their Wellness Clinic.
  • Visits elementary schools to teach about responsible pet ownership and veterinary medicine as a profession.
  • Fear Free Certified
  • Special interests: wellness and preventative care, geriatric medicine and quality of life, client education and promoting the human/animal bond

Dr. Anne grew up in Zionsville and so has always felt a strong sense of home in this community. Outside of the clinic, she loves photography, puzzles, and spending time with her family.


I was so happy to see Dr Ross Clayton again. He is just the best vet ever. This new practice is wonderful. He always knows what I am going to ask and explains things so well."

-Catherine L.

The Clayton's are a family that truly care about your pet as if they were their own. I highly recommend you check them out"

-Leanne O.

Dr. Ross Clayton is the most caring, knowledgeable vet we could have asked for! He has taken amazing care of our dogs since 2003!"

-Jennifer M.

Dr. Clayton has been caring for my family's dogs for many years with exceptional knowledge, care and compassion. He's shown time and again his willingness to explore the best options for keeping our loved ones healthy and vital."

Katrine C.

We love Dr. Clayton! We’ve been through a lot together! Our family has had as many as 3 labs at once. We’ve had them as puppies and seniors. We lost our oldest recently and Dr. Clayton helped us through it. He’s caring and knowledgeable. We HIGHLY recommend him!"

-Martha F.

The precise genuine care for our pets and our family as a whole sets Dr. Ross Clayton and his wife Dr. Anne Clayton apart. We appreciate their attention to detail and prompt assistance. We have had the gentle care from this family for many many years. They have shared our enthusiasm as we brought home new puppies and through the end of the life of our beloved seniors. We can’t wait for the grand opening! Best wishes Clayton Family Veterinary Care!"

-Kristy P.