Cat & Dog Microchipping in Carmel, IN

We hope it never happens, but there’s a good chance your pet will escape one day (if they haven’t already). According to HomeAgain, one in three pets become lost at some point in their lives. Getting them back home can be a grueling process, even with a collar and ID tag. As much as we don't like to think of it, collars and tags can easily be damaged, ripped off, or even deliberately removed. With a cat or dog microchip, your pet has a permanent form of identification on them 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us today at (317) 218-3142.

cat and dog microchip in carmel, in

How It Works

A pet microchip is a tiny device—no larger than a grain of rice—that we inject into the soft spot between your pet’s shoulder blades. The procedure is quick and no more painful than your average vaccination. The chip emits a unique ID number that a microchip scanner (held by most veterinary hospitals, shelters, and rescues) reads. That number is linked to your direct contact information in the microchip company’s online database. If your pet escapes and is taken to a vet, shelter, or rescue, they’ll be able to access your information and contact you immediately.

Registering Online

A pet microchip alone isn’t enough to secure your pet’s return to you. After we place the chip, it’s up to you to go online and register your contact information in the database. Don't worry, we'll provide you with instructions on how to do it. Without this vital piece of information, the microchip becomes ineffective.

More About Microchipping

A microchip for your dog or cat isn’t just a safety line for when they get lost. You can also get microchip-activated food bowls, pet doors, and more so only the pets that are allowed to access these things can. Many other devices are available from our microchip provider!

To learn more about our microchipping service in Carmel, contact Clayton Family Veterinary Care at (317) 218-3142! We’ll be happy to talk to you more about your pet’s options.

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