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Veterinarian in Carmel, IN Your Education is Key

At Clayton Family Veterinary Care, we do things differently. We believe in slowing things down and taking time to offer truly individualized care for pets from Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville and beyond. There’s no better way to do that than getting to know you and your pet—and letting you get to know us, too! Our relationship with you is of primary importance, as it directly affects your pet’s health. The open communication with your veterinarian is meant to empower you to ask questions and learn more so you can better care for your pet at home and understand the reasons behind our treatment plans.

That's why education and transparency are built into the very fabric of our animal hospital. 

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Taking Time to Cover All Our Bases During Each Appointment

Part of our commitment to a personable, family-practice atmosphere is taking time for half-hour appointments. We aren’t trying to cram as many appointments into a day as possible to bolster the bottom line. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your time with us, get to know your veterinarian, and not feel pushed through the system.

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Wellness Care

Dental Health



Wellness Care
Regular exams not only help keep your pet healthy but allow us to get to know you better, too.

Dental Health
Oral hygiene plays a crucial role in your pet’s wellbeing, making regular cleaning important!

Our diagnostic technology helps us learn about your pet’s health from the inside out.

Every procedure is done with a carbon dioxide laser for precision and a faster recovery time.

Each 30-minute vet exam is broken down into three parts: a physical exam, diagnostics and treatment, and then education for you. With knowledgeable pet parents comes a better quality of life for the both of you. During our 30 minutes together, our vets not only diagnose and treat but work to help you understand your pet’s health and why we do what we do.

We want to share not only our pet care services but our knowledge with you. Our services cover all the basics of veterinary medicine, and much more.

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More About Our Practice Family

Our veterinarians have over 16 years' experience in Carmel, Indiana and bring with them not only a wealth of knowledge but a unique view of veterinary medicine as well. Pets are integral parts of your family, and just as our name suggests, we put a lot of stock in family. Our Carmel practice sees pets from all around the area, including Westfield, Zionsville and beyond.

Experience a different level of animal medicine at Clayton Family Veterinary Care. Call us at (317) 218-3142 to schedule an appointment today!